Friday, June 16, 2017

Can You Start Planning for Your Fall Launch Now? - I've been chatting with a client, who is planning on launching a new program in the fall. The concern is that the program may not be ready on target (September) and may get pushed to October. The dilemma is, how to plan for a launch that has a risk of being delayed? Clearly you don't want to "sell" seats just to have to delay; but you also don't want to miss marketing opportunities that will most likely present themselves over the next few months.

And as much as we encourage our clients that "its OK if its not perfect" and to "embrace the fluidity of business", there is something to be said for not wanting to clearly promise something knowing the risk of not delivering.

Just to be clear, our client isn't a serial procrastinator, the launch date is unfortunately hinging on the availability of a secondary product that may not be deliverable by September.

So, is the answer to scrap the September launch completely, and just plan for October? Perhaps, and we've considered this. But there are risks (with the type of program he's launching) that pushing the date out, with the amount of promotion he needs to do, that he's losing valuable time. A conundrum at its finest.

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